Beerakaya Gravy / Ridge Gourd Gravy

Beerakaya Gravy curry

Beerakaya Gravy - IMG_6379



Beerakayalu / ridge gourd – 2 long

Urad dal – 2 Tbsp

Sesame seeds – 4 Tbsp

Red chillies – 4

Mustard – 1 tsp

Curry leaves – 1 sprig

Oil – 3 tbsp



Beerakaya Gravy


  • Wash ridge gourd and cut the ends. Peel the skin and save it. You can use it to make different side dishes.
  • Now, cut the gourd into medium size chunks.
  • Heat oil in a sauce pan. Temper with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
  • Add cut ridge gourd, salt and mix it well. Cover it with lid and cook under medium-high flame until it is 80% cooked. Remaining 20% we will let it cook in gravy. This oozes lot of water from the vegetable. Let it be. We can use this for gravy making. Do not over cook it.
  • Meanwhile prepare the paste for gravy – Dry roast urad dal and red chillies together in a saute pan. Transfer them into mixie grinding jar. Again roast the sesame seeds.
  • First grind the urad dal and chillies and then add roasted sesame seeds and grind. Add water and grind into almost smooth paste.
  • Add this paste to the cooking ridgegourd. Check if the water from the vegetable is enough for the gravy. If not, add some water and cook for 5 more mins or until you get desired gravy consistency.

Beerakaya Gravy 3 - IMG_6378

Note:  After peeling the skin, taste both the ends of the gourd to check for bitterness. If you feel bitter, cut some of that part and check it again. Sometimes, the whole gourd may not be bitter. Discard the bitter parts.

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