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SriRama Navami is a very well known festival celebrated all over Andhra. When you think of SriRama Navami, the first thing people remember is SriRama Kalyanam and the second thing they remember is ‘Panakam’.

Cake For Your Valentine!!!

I guess almost every Newly Wed or Lovely couple try to prepare a soft and fluffy CAKE for their Valentine, right? So, here is a fast and easy recipe for a tasty, light and delicious yet simple cake… Try this

Easy Eggless Cookies – Nan Khatai

Makes – 25 cookiesIngredients: Unsalted Butter – 1 Stick (1/2 Cup) at room temperatureAll Purpose Flour – 1 CupPowdered Sugar – 1/2 CupCardamom Powder – 1/4 TspBaking Powder – 1/4 Tsp Method : Take butter in a big bowl. Add

Creamy Paramannam / Rice Kheer

Ingredients:Rice – 1 CupMilk – 8 Cups ( or Milk + Water = 8 Cups, use as per your milk availability and interest) Sugar + Jaggery – 1 CupGhee – 2 Tbsp Cashews – 15Raisins – 10Cardamom -2 (crush into powder)Maida –


Milk-5glswater-1glsvermicelli-1glssugar-3/4glscashew nutsraisinsghee-2tbspilachi-2 pieces(powder) Procedure:1.In a pan, heat ghee and fry cashews, when they turn to golden yellow take them out.2.Add raisins in pan and fry them, once they bulge take them out.3.Roast vermicelli in the same pan with the remaining

Paala Thalikalu / Rice Noodles Kheer

Paala Thalikalu is one of the special dishes made on Vinayaka Chaviti for Lord Vinayaka. This sweet is  made with rice flour, milk and jaggery. Ingredients:Rice flour – 1 cupWater – 1 cupMilk – 3 cupsSugar/Jaggery grated – 3/4 cupSalt

Bobbatlu (pooran poli)

Ingredients: (Makes 18) Chana dal – 1 Cup Sugar – 1 Cup Maida (All purpose flour) – 1 Cup Baking Soda – 1/4 tsp Salt – 1/4 tsp Oil – 1/4 cup Ghee Water Cardamom – 2 Method: For poornam

Ravva Laddu

Makes – 15 LaddusIngredients: Sooji/Semolina – 1 1/2 CupCoconut grated – 1 1/2 CupGhee – 2 TbspSugar – 1 CupWater – 1/4 cupAlmonds + Cashews – 10 Method: Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a soup pan and fry sooji in

Semiya Halwa / Vermicelli sweet

This is one of the sweets my mom specializes in, now me too! Ingredients:Semiya (vermicelli) – 1 cupMilk + Water – 2 cupSugar – 3/4 cupGhee – 2 tbspCashews & Raisins – fried in ghee Method: Fry vermicelli in little

Cranberry cake

This is the first time I tried to make the cake from the scratch. Everytime we bring instant cake mix with different flavors from the grocery store. I thought its better to buy instant mix with different flavors to prepare