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How to make Ghee / Clarified Butter?

Don’t you like the ghee brought from Desi grocery store or is it expensive? or Do you live in place where Indian grocery store is far away and you only have an American grocery store like Walmart? Then here is a

How to make Ravva

Cuisinart Burr Mill Achef

  How to make Ravva with Burr Mill? Coarsely milled grain is called Ravva in Telugu. If you are outside of India, you know how difficult it is to find Ravva in Grocery stores. Only option to make it is

How to cut a pineapple?

Do you know how to cut a pineapple? You wanna know it? Well, it’s as simple as watching this video Enjoy the fruit!!

Tips may look Weird, but works!

One of the great things about reading tips is discovering all the ingenious ways people solve problems. A really strange tip may raise a few eyebrows, but who cares as long as it works? Here are some of my offbeat