Chegodilu are popular Andhra savory snacks. These can be done with different combinations to get different textures and into different sizes.  This can be made with sesame seeds also instead of ajwain, to suit your taste buds. Today the below recipe is for “Bulli Chegodilu made with ajwain”.


Rice Flour – 1 Cup
Maida – 1 Cup
Ajwain (vaamu)  – 1/2 Tbsp
Sesame seeds – 3 Tbsp
Butter – 1/2 butter stick
Red chilli powder – 1 Tbsp


Mix the rice flour, maida, butter, chilli powder, ajwain or sesame seeds and salt so that all the ingredients are incorporated well.
Now pour water slowly and make a hard dough  like puri dough.
Take a small lemon size dough and roll on a flat surface into long rope with hand.
Starting from one end, turn the rope around your finger and cut it. Press both ends firmly so that they don’t open up while frying.
After making some, fry them in hot oil turning them frequently until they turn into golden brown color as shown in the picture.
Taste sample of chegodilu and find out whether they turned out crunchy. If still need to be fried, adjust in next batches.
Then, repeat this same process for all the remaining dough.
That’s it! Chegodilu are ready to munch, crunch, munch and enjoy! :)