How to make Ravva

Cuisinart Burr Mill Achef


How to make Ravva with Burr Mill?

Coarsely milled grain is called Ravva in Telugu. If you are outside of India, you know how difficult it is to find Ravva in Grocery stores. Only option to make it is by grinding rice in Mixey Grinder, sieve the fine flour from coarse ravva in batches and that too uneven grinding and so on…  such an elaborated process!

But I will tell you an easy way! I use Burr Mill to make perfect Ravva with just one click.

Burr Mill is a portable mill that has several custom grind settings that can range from Ultra fine to coarse. Below are the ones that I use: Click on the links or images below if you prefer to buy one.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH26 Automatic Burr Mill Grinder

Cuisinart Burr Mill Achef

Cuisinart Burr Mill


Mr Coffee Burr Mill Achef

Mr Coffee Burr Mill


Making process:

I use Sona Masoori rice to make ravva. I put maximum coarse position or 2 positions less for making ravva which comes out same as the one from our flour mills in India.

Just pour Rice for rice ravva or Rice+Pesalu (whole Moong) 1:1 for Pesalu biyyam ravva from top (bean hopper) and collect ravva from the bottom side panel (Grind Chamber).

That’s it!! Perfect & fresh ravva is ready just in seconds and just with one click!! :)

You can use this ravva to make Whole moong + rice upma, Plain rice upma, tamarind uppudu pindi or Lemon uppudu pindi. Recipies of these will be coming soon. :)

Note: They should be all raw, don’t wash or soak them. Just from the package pour into the hopper. No wet items should be used in this Burr mill.


Sieve if you prefer to have complete coarse ravva without even little fine flour.

Sieved ravva makes fluffy Upmas perfect for grownups whereas unsieved ravva makes it little mushy which is perfect for toddlers/kids.


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