Ugadi Pachadi

Andhra Special
Ugadi Pachadi is a pachadi/chutney with unique taste and consists of 6 different tasting ingredients (shadruchulu) like…neem (for bitterness)
tamarind (for sourness)
Jaggery (for sweetness)
Chillies (for spice)
Mango (for raw smell)

You can make it thick or thin by adjusting the amount of bananas for thickness and tamarind juice+water to make it thin. So, below is the recipe…

Makes about 4 Cups of pachadi


Bananas – 5 long
Neem flowers – fresh/dry
Tamarind – big marble size
Jaggery – 1/4 cup – grounded/grated
Pepper pwd & Green Chillies – 2 pinches & 2 small
Raw mango – 1/4 cup – peel the skin off & cut into small pieces
Salt – 2 tsp


  • Soak tamarind and extract the juice.
  • In a big bowl, take the bananas and tamarind juice and mash well with hand.
  • Add jaggery, pepper powder/green chillies, mango pieces and salt. Mix well until jaggery melts.
  • Now add neem flowers and gently mix again.

That’s it! Easy, delicious & unique tasting Ugadi Pachadi is ready to offer to God and then to eat. Enjoyyyy!! Happy Ugadi!!!